Sunday, 28 February 2016

Active Listening

Description: We are learning about active listening because we want people to people to listen to the people who are talking to them and be respectful.  We made a video to show our active listening and our non-active listening.


Big Idea:  Active listening is when you are looking at the person who is talking to you and not playing on your devise or reading a book.  When you are active listening you might ask some questions.  busy listening is you are looking at the person who is talking to you.

I am ok active listening but I am going to working on it

Monday, 8 February 2016

One Word Criteria

My Word Is Friendship

Your word needs to:
  • relate to all areas of your life e.g. school/home/sports/academic/social etc
  • be something that will challenge you this year
  • be positive
  • be something that you can action daily
  • be an attitude / a way of thinking

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

waitangi day

description:we wrote questions about Waitangi Day. I got 2 questions. They are down below.
Why do we have waitanig day?

Why did they fight?

I did well on my boat alot of people are rsing wie do I have dogs on my boat because how did dogs get to new zelid.

The answers are here. we have waitangi day because the waitangi people have a party to celebrate ther  freedom.The chifs were wored about not being chifs. they thought at they did not need the treaty because they thought at they were doing a good job.

fourward ; 

feedback ; I think you did well on the boat. Miko 

by Cohen Shaun Billy